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Enjoy Free Sudoku Offline Anytime You Want

Some people believe that this logical puzzle was created 2000 years ago in China. Other sources say that Leonard Euler, a famous mathematician, was the original author of Sudoku game. It is also widely believed that the game has Japanese origin due to its name. And there can be found a good reason to believe that. It is true that the name of the game can be translated from Japanese language: “su” means “number”, “docu” means “standing separately”. This name appeared first in magazines of Japan where this puzzle became extremely popular. Nevertheless, whoever might be its creator, nowadays Sudoku is a favorite logic puzzle of hundreds.

Today there is no need to buy paper brochures with the puzzle, constantly sharpen broken pencils and erase numbers you want to change. You can download Sudoku from our website for free and easily use it anytime on your personal computer. Electronic version is a perfect way for you to enjoy the game the way you like it: see possible choices, try them and easily delete if you found a better solution. It is not hard to understand the idea of Sudoku. There is a field of 9 big squares; each of them is divided into 9 cells with several numbers written inside. In order to complete the puzzle a player needs to put numbers from 1 to 9 into the cells the way that each square would contain all nine different numbers. The numbers you put cannot repeat twice inside one square. Moreover, numbers in columns and diagonals of the field must be different as well. Checking various combination to find the only one that “works” makes this “brain training” so fascinating.

Another advantage of playing free Sudoku on your PC is the great variety of levels. Experienced Sudoku players can chose advanced levels and practice more difficult puzzles, while the beginners may enjoy it as amateurs. The difficulty of this puzzle depends on how many numbers a player has in the beginning. It can be a half completed field with rather obvious goes, and you just fresh your mind and get abstracted from the routine. For those who, oppositely, want to solve a real brain-teaser there are puzzles with almost empty fields and all possible ways to use your logic skills. Free Sudoku game is a great training for your logic and attention.

Now playing your favorite games becomes really accessible on your personal computer. There is no need to input any codes or pass the registration to download free Sudoku game. You will find the file to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Just try it!

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