Train Your Brain While Enjoying Sudoku

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Sometimes we all need a change, some distraction to get away from our daily problems. We usually get this distraction by watching TV, reading or playing action video games. There’s another way to relax while keeping you mind sharp. So if you are tired of killing you time with silly video games, try something new! Exercise your brain for a change. You know you can’t go wrong with the game that has been around for decades, passing the hardest test of all, the test of the time. In reality it’s not just a game but a challenging logical puzzle. We used to seeing this game on the back of tabloid newspapers, but this puzzle deserves way more credit.

Sudoku is a logical puzzle of a number-placement. Sudoku has many variants one harder than the other but here we offer you to try your strength in a classical puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 table with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-tables that compose the main one contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. Depending on how many numbers are already filled in, varies the level of difficulty. The more numbers you have the less guessing and logical thinking you’ll have to do and vice versa.

The Sudoku jigsaw was originally invented in Japan in 1984, the current name is just one symbol of the full Japanese name of the game. Even though most people prefer playing Sudoku in a printed version, personal computer Sudoku software is becoming more and more popular as well as online and cell phone versions. Puzzle software has been released on many game consoles and even Apple has it available within its iTunes. As you can see there are many ways and options on how and where you can try your mental strength in solving this jigsaw. We offer you a software program that gives you that chance. The software is absolutely free. To get Sudoku onto your computer all you have to do is to download the program from this site. It’s really easy to do, just follow the instructional steps. You don’t have to register to the site or anything like that, no sms code system as well, like with many free software sites. The program itself is really easy to use with extremely user-friendly interface so even a person who knows only the basics about computers can figure it out. Don’t waist you time on the silly games and ever the same depressing TV news, practice logical thinking with Sudoku.

Improve Your Logic Skills By Playing Sudoku

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There are such moments in any other person’s life when you just completely bored and unaware of what to do. You want to have some rest and yet do something for fun. Or you are travelling long distance and have to spend a great deal of time even without much moving. In any case, Sudoku will turn on your brain work and make you think logically.

You have two options: play online or download to your portable computer device and the second one is to print out some of web-based games.

If you play in online or offline mode you have some advantages. For example you may set the required amount of time you will spend for thinking over the strategy, you may immediately pick the level of complicity (easy, medium, hard and very hard).

How to play Sudoku?

The aim is to complete 9*9 square in such a way that each of 3*3 boxes, row and column comprising this grid are filed with digits from 1 to 9 not repeating them. Depending on the complicity of the game some cells in this grid are filled by default. You have to fully complete this square table with numbers.

Sudoku in Japan where it originated from means single number. Hence the rules go. You are supposed to use your logic and reasoning to guess the missing numbers, then click the mouse on empty cell and add the digit.

If you have printed sheet do the same with pencil and paper.

Free Sudoku will not let you get bored as it offers unlimited kinds of puzzles to never have you guessed at once.

The scientists find out incredible thing: Japanese puzzles help sequence the genes to reveal the DNA sequences. If used solely playing this game it is possible to lean over 100 sequences of multiple genes analysis.

Perhaps, you would like to know your DNA kind or just want some useful fun? Anyway, free Sudoku will not make you pay money for developing your brain.

If talking about different types of Sudoku, we can also mention the most famous and popular one: Kakuro – the mathematical analog of usual crossword puzzles, which instead of the tasks in the shaded cells indicated the number of letters in the neighboring lines, geometric puzzles contain no direct squares, in which the numbers are not repeated, and some regions are marked by special color; Samurai is a classic version of free Sudoku, which consists of five zones 9 on 9 that are shaped by the principle of flowers and some others. Choose the one you like the most!

Have a good time and enjoy your play! And remember to download your own version of this famous game on your PC.


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Sudoku game – about the program

Have you ever thought how much time you spend every day in the bus, subway or tram? And what about the lines at the polyclinics or government structures? No one would dare to deny that time spent in the lines or in the public transport is by far the most uselessly spent time in your life. Of course you can just relax and think of nothing but today more and more people prefer to entertain themselves somehow in the public transport or while in the queue. Some people enjoy reading the books while the students usually reread their lectures, some people enjoy listening to the music while the others play games on their smartphones. There is one more thing to do – you can solve the crossword puzzles. One of the easiest but at the same time absorbing types of puzzles are those connected with digits. Nowadays more and more people enjoy spending their free time solving the digit puzzles called Sudoku.

On this site you can find a great free version of Sudoku game for your PC. You can enjoy if using computer or print it to solve wherever you want. The rules of Sudoku are pretty simple. The playing field is a big square with 9*9 dimensions divided into 9 smaller squares with the length of the side equal to three. In this way the whole playing field consists of 81 cells. In some of the cells the digits are already marked. The player has to fill in the rest cells with the digits from 1 to 9 so that the digits are repeated only once within the raw, column and small square with 3*3 dimensions. Some puzzles can be solved in a few minutes while the others may require the hours.