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Sudoku game – about the program

Have you ever thought how much time you spend every day in the bus, subway or tram? And what about the lines at the polyclinics or government structures? No one would dare to deny that time spent in the lines or in the public transport is by far the most uselessly spent time in your life. Of course you can just relax and think of nothing but today more and more people prefer to entertain themselves somehow in the public transport or while in the queue. Some people enjoy reading the books while the students usually reread their lectures, some people enjoy listening to the music while the others play games on their smartphones. There is one more thing to do – you can solve the crossword puzzles. One of the easiest but at the same time absorbing types of puzzles are those connected with digits. Nowadays more and more people enjoy spending their free time solving the digit puzzles called Sudoku.

On this site you can find a great free version of Sudoku game for your PC. You can enjoy if using computer or print it to solve wherever you want. The rules of Sudoku are pretty simple. The playing field is a big square with 9*9 dimensions divided into 9 smaller squares with the length of the side equal to three. In this way the whole playing field consists of 81 cells. In some of the cells the digits are already marked. The player has to fill in the rest cells with the digits from 1 to 9 so that the digits are repeated only once within the raw, column and small square with 3*3 dimensions. Some puzzles can be solved in a few minutes while the others may require the hours.

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