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How is unmanned aircraft delivery affecting you?

When the year is approaching to a close and everyone is busy sorting out their festive shopping list, Jeff Bezos, the boss of the world’s largest marketplace, disclosed what seems like highly science fictional topic that sets the chatter planet abuzz.

Just days ago, Jeff Bezos disclosed that work is already underway at Amazon to bring unmanned delivery fleet to reality. At this point of time, there is yet any clear sign of when this will finally become a reality but, it appears that clearing the regulatory pathway is more challenging than getting the technology itself to work.

Courtesy of Amazon (and all the creative geeks), pictures of plane carrying Amazon’s logo are sprouting up all over the cyber space. Some gets really ingenious by jumping ahead of the pack and predict what the rules would be like when this crazy idea come into reality.

But thousands of questions remain and obviously, we have no clear answer to those questions, at least before we get to witness the real idea being put into action. Just thinking out loud, there are a number of basic questions that Bezos (maybe) have the answer. Without much thinking, I am able to come up with few questions that I bet most people would be asking too.

One big question is at what height will these drones be flying at? There is a dilemma here. Flying too high makes it subjected to the extreme temperature and air pressure that might do harm to your order entirely. But flying too low is not an option either as it would be prone to human attackers.

Amazon Prime Air sounds very costly (at least at the point of this writing) and it would be interesting to see how will it impact the minimum sum of purchase that will qualify us for free delivery.

The number and type of questions is definitely endless but let’s try to look at things more positively. Given that we all have benefited from the revolution that Amazon has brought on so far, I’d give them benefits of the doubt and assume that they’ll be able to pull all the parts and make this into a reality in 4 to 5 years time.



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