A Fond Farewell by Ari Hest Ukulele Chords

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A Fond Farewell by Ari Hest Ukulele Chords

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Capo 4

My mother once told me
The thicker your skin,
The better off you?ll be
When this world brings you down
[Dm/G]It?s trying to control m[/G#]e
Leave me without hope
In the past I?ve been burned
But I?ve lived and I?ve learned

?Neath the shelter of the pouring ra[G/B]in
In the absence of this fear and pain
I will finally bid my ball and c[G/B]hains
Am ? G
A fond farewell
On a road that leads me to my pl[G/B]ace
Gonna rid my heart of past disgrace
I will finally bid this sluggish pace
Am ? G
A fond farewell?

I heard their reservations
And I read their bitter words
I shined a light upon their wisdom
No matter how absurd
[Dm/G]Oh they broke my heart to pieces[/G#]
And I questioned my own beliefs
My dignity was gone
It?s time to move on?

(Repeat Chorus)

Say goodbye to feeling sorry for myself
To begging others for far too much help
This is my hand these are the cards that I?ve been dealt
Only I can make these changes, nobody else
Say goodbye to these sleepless nights
Those corridors with no end in sight
A driven man with these words I write
I?m making peace with my soul tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

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