All About Love by Steven Curtis Chapman Ukulele Chords

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All About Love by Steven Curtis Chapman Ukulele Chords

Song: All About Love
Album: All About Love
Music: Steven Curtis Chapman
Lyrics: Steven Curtis Chapman
Producers: Mary Beth Chapman and Brown Bannister

In honor of upcoming Valentines Day, I figured, Eh, what the heck? Why
not do a love song tabbing? So, without further adieux, here is what I
think Ive figured out to be at least pretty close. Ive had the pleasure
of being on a TV studio set live and watching Steven perform this about a
year ago, and this is what he appeared to be playing. So, this is all
based on that. Ill put the translation of the chords at the bottom so
youll know what in the heck Im talking about. If you have any questions,
feel free to e-mail me at or Im known as
SCCdcTFreak on CGR.



——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– —-0—–0—–0———-0—–0—–
——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– —-0—–0—–0———-0—–0—–
——-4—-6—-7——–8—–8—– —-9—–8—–9———-11—-11—-
——-4—-6—-7——–9—–9—– —-9—–9—–9———-11—-11—-
——-2—-4—-5——–7—–7—– —-7—–7—–7———-9—–9—–
——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– —-0—–0—–0———-0—–0—–
——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– 0——0—0——0—0—0—–0–0—
——-4—-6—-7——–8—–8—– 9——9—8——9—8—9—-11–11–
——-4—-6—-7——–9—–9—– 9——9—9——9—9—9—-11–11–
——-2—-4—-5——–7—–7—– 7——7—7——7—7—7—–9—9–
——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– 0——0—0——0—0—0—–0—0–
——-0—-0—-0——–0—–0—– 0——0—0——0—0—0—–0—0–

Play intro four times, but on the final time, leave off the final chord
that repeats (E 6/9).

Verses: (Palm muted)

Chorus: (not muted)

L . . . L . . . L . . . L . . . L . . .

(play intro again)




A Capella and then jump in mid-chorusfinish the chorus and then play
the intro repeatedly several times over.


E5079900 Emaj7079800 Esus4009900 Cmaj7035500
E7sus4057700 E6046600 Esus2024400 E 6/909(11)(11)00

To play the this songs, including All About Love by Steven Curtis Chapman by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a many of songs, and each of them is easy to learn.

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