All This Making Love by Bee Gees Ukulele Chords

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If you are looking for All This Making Love ukulele chords, you already visit to the right place.
You can play versatile instrument All This Making Love using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Bee Gees can also be played by that instruments.

All This Making Love chords has rhythm and included in Main Course (1975) album.
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All This Making Love by Bee Gees Ukulele Chords

Bee Gees – All This Making Love
Intro: Dm D

About an hour or more, when I go upstairs, you can read between the lines
I can make it to the top, but then I gotta stop
But I’m all righ[Dm/C#]t, I’m r[Dm/C]eally fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine and [Dm/A]all this making love
In a day or so, it’ll really show, gonna wear me to the ground
It’s just the way it goes, she keeps me on my toes
But I’m all[Dm/C#] right, and s[Dm/C]hould I mi[Dm/B]nd
It’s just the wine and all [Dm/A]this making love
And I can't keep still, gonna make a will, ’cause I'm losing all my hair
I try to make it seem it isn’t just a dream
And I’m all righ[Dm/C#]t, I’m almost[Dm/C] there[Dm/B]
It isn’t fair to wake up al[Dm/A]l this making love

[Dm/C#] [Dm/C] [Dm/B]
[Dm/C#] G[Dm/C]m etc[Dm/B]…
I get pleasure and pain, it’s a gravy train, it’s a wonderland, it’s a ride
And the rumor is I’m told, she’s really got a hold
And I’m all [Dm/C#]right, I’m re[Dm/C]ally fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine and al[Dm/A]l this making love
She’ll be making me strung by the tip of my tongue like a tiger in a cage
She’s got me up a wall, I’m slowing to a crawl
I’m all rig[Dm/C#]ht, I’m reall[Dm/C]y fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine[Dm/A] and all this making love.
Too much too much too much too much…[Dm/C#][Dm/C][Dm/B]

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