Apology by The Posies Ukulele Chords

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Apology chords has rhythm and included in Dear 23 (1990) album.
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Apology by The Posies Ukulele Chords

by the Posies
From: John Waclo (johncw@nauticom.net)
capo 2nd fret: play chords as if capoed 2nd fret open strings
(in other words the Am listed in the chords below would be played
as a Bm were the capo not in use.)
intro: Am E C#m F#

And I asked again–
Would it be alright [A/G#]for me
To acquire someone else’s disenchantment
I could reconnect to another time [A/G#]and place
Reconsider letting loose and running rampant
Take me back — teach me
Take me back — apology
I never meant to be–
And I won’t take much [A/G#]with me
Just an open mind and a second nature
Don’t forget you might just drink the waaa[A/G#]aaaaaater
If it illustrates the nonesuch nomenclature…

So push the button ring the bell
Behold your tongue it’s served you well
Enough to bring you here, won’t you please
Take me back — teach me
Take me back — apology
If we fail to touch–
There will be no back[A/G#]logged time
You can make believe it (like a bunch of postcards)
And the stones will read in a modest faaa[A/G#]aaaaaaashion
Don’t expect too much — you might be disappointed
Take me back — teach me
Take me back — apology
Take me back — teach me
Take me back — apology
AAhhh AAhhh AAhhh
AAhhh AAhhh AAhhh


E—–0—– E—–0—– E—–4—– E—–2—–
B—–1—– B—–0—– B—–5—– B—–2—–
G—–2—– G—–1—– G—–6—– G—–3—–
D—–2—– D—–2—– D—–6—– D—–4—–
A—–0—– A—–2—– A—–4—– A—–4—–
E—–X—– E—–0—– E—–X—– E—–2—–

E—–4—– E—–2—– E—–2—– E—–O—–
B—–5—– B—–4—– B—–3—– B—–2—–
G—–4—– G—–4—– G—–4—– G—–2—–
D—–6—– D—–4—– D—–4—– D—–2—–
A—–4—– A—–2—– A—–2—– A—–0—–
E—–X—– E—–0—– E—–X—– E—–X—–


E—–0—– E—–2—– E—–2—–
B—–2—– B—–2—– B—–3—–
G—–2—– G—–2—– G—–2—–
D—–2—– D—–4—– D—–0—–
A—–X—– A—–4—– A—–X—–
E—–4—– E—–2—– E—–X—–

To play the most songs, including Apology by The Posies by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a many of songs, and each of them is easy to learn.

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