Back In Amsterdam by Box Set Ukulele Chords

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Back In Amsterdam by Box Set Ukulele Chords

Date: 13 Apr 98 18:14:58 -0700
From: “Parker Lord”
Subject: b/box_set/

# Back in Amsterdam, Performed by Box Set
# Transcribed by Parker Lord
# Comments to:

Capo 4

When I awoke on Friday Morning
I couldn’t get the airplanes from my head
I held my baby a little closer
And spent the day in bed

I laid there thinkin bought tomorrow’s
All the goods I need and all I have
Something’s bound to make or break me
Back in Amsterdam

Will you bathe me in a chest of Spanish gold
Or tear away the promise from the miners only soul
Spin the whell of fortune risking everything I am
All or nothing back in Amsterdam
Whoa no, Back in Amsterdam

We’re on the busk forever after
Pass the hat around the blond cafes
Every terrace ringing with the laughter
The organ grinder made

Play to Vondel Park on every Sunday
Sing enought to slepp my only plan
Allaround the rivers overflowing
Back in Amsterdam

Will your forces fall a fortune in my hand
Or lurk around the corner changing passion to demand
Spin the wheel of fortune risking everything I am
Run the river back in Amsterdam
Whoa no, Back in Amsterdam

There’s life around the corner, sometimes life just dissappears
like romance in the married years
I fear the bread and roses, a settled life would offer me
So take me where I long to be back in Amsterdam

No No No No in Amsterdam
Take me where I want to be
Lo Lo No No in Amsterdam
Oh take me back, Jim

Solo out to G C G D

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