Box #10 by Jim Croce Ukulele Chords

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Box #10 by Jim Croce Ukulele Chords

By Jim Croce

Chords by Alfredo Alex G. General

Intro: C-G-Am-F-C-G-G7-C-G

Well outta Southern Illinois
Come a down-home country boy
He’s gonna make it in the city
Playin?? guitar in the st[F-C-G]udio
Oh well, he hadn’t been there an hour
When he met a Broadway flow’r
You know she took him for his money
And she left him in a cheap hotel[C-G]
Oh well, it's easy for you to see
That that country boy is me
Say and how’m I gonna ever break the news to the folks back hom[C-G]e?
Well, I was gonna be a great success
Things sure ended up a mess
But in the process I got messed up to[C-G]

Hello, mama and dad I had to call collect
Cause I ain’t got a cent to my n[Am/G]ame
Well, I'm sleepin’ in a hotel doorway
And tonight they say it’s gonna rain
And if you'd only send me some mone[Am/G]y
I’ll be back on my feet agai[Am/G]n
Send it in care of the Sunday Mi[Am/G]ssion

F C C-Em-Am-Am/G-F-G6-C

Box Number Ten

Well, back in Southern Illinois
They’re still worryin’ ’bout their boy
But this boy’s goin’ home soon’s he gets th[C-G]e fare
Because as soon as I got my bread
I got a pipe upside my head
You know they took me in an alley
Took my money and my guitar too[C-G]

Repeat refrain

End chords: C ‘ Em ‘ Am – Am/G ‘ F ‘ G – C

To play the most songs, including Box #10 by Jim Croce by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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