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Lay It On The Line chords has rhythm and included in Finally… (2007) album.
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Lay It On The Line by Bart Crow Band Ukulele Chords

Key: E

Tune everything down half of a step, song is in the key of Eb

Intro: E-C#m-A-B-A-B-E

Im a little bit lazy, get a little bit crazy
And theres so many words that I need you to say
Well Im a little bit restless, I get a little bit reckless
And theres so many things I just need you to say, so Im gonna


Im layin it on the line
Im tired of fightin what Im feelin from deep inside
Im layin it on the line Lord
Cause what do I got to lose
Cause if he takes her hand, shes gonna leave me here behind

Solo: C#m E C#m E C#m E A B A B E

Im sittin here talkin to the walls
Theres nobody home, so theres no one that I can call
Im smokin on cigarettes and drinkin on whiskey
And prayin to God that you were right here with me, so Im gonna


Solo: C#m E C#m E C#m E A B A B C#m

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