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Lies by Cho Young Soo Ukulele Chords

neo animyeon nan and wae andwae
neo animyeon jeongmal sireunde
wae jaggu nal ddeomi leo
wae naeso neul noheulryeo
hae (I want your love love)
eojjeoda ireohge doengeonji
eojjeoda ireon geon ji
i reom andoeneunde an doelgeo aneunde
nan bonael jasini eob seo
saranghandan geojitmal
bogosipeulgeoran ni geojitmal
dasi dolaondan ni geojitmal
modu da geojitmali ya (oh oh oh oh)
jikyeojundan geojitmal
na eobsi motsandan ni geojitmal
ireohge ddeonalgeomyeon seo
nal beorilgeomyeon seo wae naege yak sokhaetni.
Lên tone
ddeonagaran geojitmal
dolabojimalran ni geojitmal
dasi chatjimalran ni geojitmal
modu da geojitmali ya
na ijeuran geojitmal
urin da ggeutnatdan ni geojitmal
amuri saenggakhaebwa do
neo eobsineun and wae dasi naege dorawa

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