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Use Me chords has rhythm and included in Counting the Hours (2010) album.
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Use Me by Digital Summer Ukulele Chords


Use Me – Digital Summer


Tabbed by: T Ray

This is my first tab so email me if you think something needs changing.

Tuning: standard


Just another touch of your skin makes everything okay

Just a simple taste of your lips can steal my pain away

Every time that I look in your eyes I can see something?s killing you

So don?t fight what you?re feeling inside cuz I know you need this too

Let me be the one you use?


I?ll be you antidote, you be my cure on this cold and lonely night

Put our problems behind us and just for this moment pretend everything is


Let me use you?. And I?ll let you use me

Let me use you?. To forget these memories

I don?t even mind that we hide some things that are better left unspoken

Cant we just be selfish for one more night cuz some rules were ment to be broken

And I don?t know how we got here, but I know that I shouldn?t care

And despite what we think is wrong or right, We both know that I shouldn?t

be here tonight? but it?s worth a try


and you?re like a drug and I am so addicted to you

But I cant let go even though I know I should, its true


Let me use you? like you want me to

and forget these memories

Let me use you

Like you want me to

You can use me? to forget these memories

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