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Make Believe (failed by Marco Sison Ukulele Chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (Bb)

Intro: A-A(aug)-Dm7-Esus-E pause

When[A(9)] I’m all alone
Pretending love would come along
And even when you’re gone
Em7-Eb7 Dm7 D(aug)-D
Still that love lingers on
Then suddenly I[E7sus-E7] face such emptiness
An evening just like this brings l[Dm/B]oneliness

Whe[A(9)]n I think of you
Those words were said as if they’re true
We knew our love was strong
Em7-Eb7 Dm7 D(aug)
Even though it was wrong
So I’ll just put all the stars in a so[A(9)-A]ng
( Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/marco_sison/make_believe_crd.html )
[Em7-A7] It’s just a make believe[E/D]
But I just can’t go on
Without your smile, without your touch
Without your l[Em7-A7]ove
[A7sus-A7] It’s just a make believe[E/D]
But I just can’t go on
I need your smile, I need your touch
I need your love

Interlude: A-A(aug)-Dm7-Esus-E pause

Now[A(9)] the night is through
It’s time for me to say adieu
I’m longing for the past
Em7-Eb7 Dm7 D(aug)
But it just couldn’t last
So I’ll just put all t[E7sus-E7]he stars in a so[A(9)-A]ng

(Repeat Chorus except last word)

… l[Em7-A7]ove

(Repeat Chorus 2x, fade)

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