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Kissed chords has rhythm and included in Deflowered (1992) album.
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Kissed by Pansy Division Ukulele Chords

Kissed ? Pansy Division
Tabbed by webinquiry@yahoo.com


If you want to get it on

If you want to turn me on

Well it’s like this

First thing I need is a kiss

And if you want me to come on strong

If you want to get me long

Well you’re gonna miss

Unless you’re ready with a kiss

Give me kiss after kiss

One after another

Don’t kiss me like you’re kissing your mother

Taste my tongue, do it with passion

To get to the point where we feel cum splashin

(verse 2,same as first)
You want below the belt
Honey wel’l get there yet
To reach that state of bliss
Start it with a kiss kiss kiss
And if it’s practice you need
You can practice all over me
Man, you got such luscious lips
Give them the pleasure of a kiss

(chorus 2, same as first)
Disinterested kisses won´t get my attention
Like kissing someone with a throat infection
When you kiss with enthusiasm
You’re well on your way to an intense orgasm


(verse 3, same as first)
If you want to get it on
If you want to turn me on
Well it’s like this
The first thing I need is a kiss

The first thing I need is a kiss

First thing I needs a kiss

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