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Hitched Up Kids by Rosa Ukulele Chords

Dude from Colorado Springs with the “we’ll make a deadly choir, you and me”
tattoo, this is for you!!!
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Intro: C F C G

If I close my eyes, maybe I’ll be gone away
I’ll wake up to those dirty old highway signs
It seems like such a long time ago
When we all bundled up and said
“Sure, we got a long way to drive,
But to me there ain’t no more right,
Never been closer to home.”

We’ll be those hitched-up kids
Got a knife in my pocket, a needle in our grins
And I could fall in love forever and never come up with an empty hand.

Well I’ve heard all your stories a thousand times
Seems like gasoline runs through my veins
Paint me pictures of a dream I never lost
And sing me a song, teach me how to sing
The ones they don’t teach you at school.
We’ll make a deadly choir, you and me.

(Strike chords once)
So go on, turn that telephone off,
Wasn’t gonna pick it up anyway…

Chorus twice.(Begin playing the F for the chorus on “way” at the end of the telephone part…)


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