Child’s Song by Tom Rush Ukulele Chords

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Child’s Song by Tom Rush Ukulele Chords

Tom Rush Child’s Song written by Murray McLaughlan

Tom Rush vocals/acoustic guitar
Trevor Veitch guitar
Duke Bardwell bass
Warren Bernhardt piano
Herb Lovelle drums

Goodbye momma goodbye to you too pa
Little sister you’ll have to wait a while to come along
Goodybye to this house and all it’s memories
We just got too old to say we’re wrong
Got to [E/D#]make one [E/C#]last trip [E/B]to my bedroom
Guess I’ll [E/D#]have to [E/C#]leave some [E/B]stuff behind
It’s funny [E/D#]how the [D/C#]same old [E/B]crooked pictures
Just don’t [E/D#]seem the [D/C#]same to [E/B]me tonight
There ain’t no use in sheding lonely tears mamma
There ain’t no use in shouting at me pa
I can’t live no longer with your fears mamma
I love you but that hasn’t helped at all
Each of [E/D#]us must [E/C#]do the things [E/B]that matter
All of [E/D#]us must [E/C#]see what we[E/B] can see
It was [E/D#]long ago [E/C#]you [E/B]must remember
You were [E/D#]once as [E/C#]young and [E/B]scared as me
I don’t know how hard it is yet mamma
When you relaize you’re growning old
I know how hard is not to be younger
I know you’ve tried to keep me from the cold
Thanks for [E/D#]all you [E/C#]done it may [E/B]sound hollow
Thank you [E/D#]for the [E/C#]good times that [E/B]we’ve known
But I [E/D#]must find [E/C#]my own road [E/B]now to follow
You will [E/D#]all be [E/C#]welcome [E/B]in my home
Got my suitacse I must go now
I don’t mind about the things you said
I’m sorry Mom I don’t know where I’m going
F#m A Amqj7
Remember little sister look ahead
Tomorrow [E/D#]I’ll be [E/C#]in some [E/B]other sunrise
Maybe [E/D#]I’ll have [E/C#]someone [E/B]at my side
Mamma give your love back to your husband
Father you’ve have taught we well goodbye
Goodbye Mamma goodbye to you too pa

From Tom Rush
Columbia Records

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