Cutterpillow by Eraserheads Ukulele Chords

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Cutterpillow by Eraserheads Ukulele Chords

1995 BMG Records

Submitted by: or add nyo ako sa friendster sa
para masaya.

Hidden track to after Ang huling El Bimbo. Nagtataka ako bakit tamad ang mga taong mag
ng kantang ito.

Chords used:
D – xx0232
D7 – xx0212
G – 320033
A – x02220

Hand Claps

Intro: D-D7 (x2)

Harmonica Celindro


I used to have a cat, won’t ever wanna get fat
So she ate a feather pillow, yellow willow
A fury fury fury fury fury fury fury little fella
Exercise in all day, she never go to swim in the beach it seems
Best with jelly like fishes, No matter come wishes
The cat and the pillow with jelly like fishes

(Repeat twice)

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