Faith of a Little Seed by Big Tent Revival Ukulele Chords

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Faith of a Little Seed by Big Tent Revival Ukulele Chords

by: Big Tent Revival
Copyright: 1994 Photon Music/BMI
Interpreted and transcribed by
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(Capo 3rd Fret)

All it takes is a little bit of water and sunshine, to make a big tree

And every tree was a little bitty seed at one time, It just takes
time, you know.

And patiently they wait in hope, and God provides the rest.

All they really need, is the faith of a little seed.

I never, ever saw a bird go hungry, singing in the breeze.

And the flowers, never was a lady on Sunday, Prettier than these.

Though I’m sown in rocky places, there I will abide.

Taking root in my Lord Jesus, knowing He’ll provide.

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