Flags and Banners by Faces Ukulele Chords

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If you are searching for Flags and Banners ukulele chords, you’ve come to the best site.
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This song by Faces can also be played by that instruments.

Flags and Banners chords has rhythm and included in Ooh La La (1973) album.
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Flags and Banners by Faces Ukulele Chords

Flags And Banners-This is off their 4th album ‘ooh la la’

Intro: G C G C G D G

Last night I was woken by my cry

Had a dream just as plain as you and I

Saw the morning sun on a woodland in the spring
Still hear the echo crashing through the trees
Oh when I saw you down I fell upon my knees

You and I we were wearing Southern Grey
I called to you but I used another name
I beat the ground and I cried out in your pain
Through a scarlet door I watched you slipping away
And your brother’s helpless prayers were all in vain

Last night I was woken by my cry

The beginning/verse when the G is played may sound a little off because the little riff
the guitar ends in a D and stays there for a while but the G chord stays the same.

If you mess around with some hammer-ons and pull-offs while holding the G chord you can
arrive at the riff being played on the record. I’d tab it but I don’t have any tab
right now.

To play the this songs, including Flags and Banners by Faces by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a ton of songs, and each of them is easy to learn.

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