Framework by The Story So Far Ukulele Chords

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Framework by The Story So Far Ukulele Chords


G#– x2

G#–Fm-Eb- x2


G#–Eb/G-G#- x4

Verse 1:
I still think on you
the place the time
And all the solitude
There’s nothing I
hate more Than pushing
you away with my
fked up attitude
I’ve been [Eb/G]counting
pa-ces Since the last
time [Eb/G]we touched fa-ces
It’s a lot like [Eb/G]trading
spa-ces Where I’m the
[Eb/G]dormant one and you’re away

Chorus 1:
How’d [Eb/G]this happen?
Found [Eb/G]your way in
So [Eb/G]dis–tracting
Splitting [Eb/G]me
in half again

Verse 2:
Can’t ever sever
the ties I made
The knots are strong
The framework’s laid
No matter how many
things I save The
tangible will always
be what I crave But
I’ve been [Eb/G]resting ca-ses
And writing [Eb/G]just to
erase this It used
to just [Eb/G]seem so ba-sic
When I knew [Eb/G]every
Cm Eb G#(hold)
single word to say

Chorus 2:
How’d [Eb/G]this happen?
Found [Eb/G]your way in
So [Eb/G]dis–tracting
Splitting [Eb/G]me
in half again

Basslines: G# Eb/G Eb Cm x2

So [Eb/G]dis–tracting
Splitting [Eb/G]me
in half again

Thought I’d burn the
seams if they frayed
Thought I’d prove
the [Eb/G]point that I made
However long you’re
gone I will wait
However long you’re
[Eb/G]gone I will wait
I will wait

Interlude: G# x4

G#–Eb/G-G#- x8

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