Green Corn by NOFX Ukulele Chords

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Green Corn chords has rhythm and included in Ribbed (1991) album.
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Green Corn by NOFX Ukulele Chords

alright this isnt 100% perfect but id give it an 80%, all the main parts and the
solo are right, but i might be missing some fills and sht, but u can get the idea

(o[-]ctave[-]s)A [-]- G [-]- A – D – C

A (hammer this for a while)

C-B-C-B-C-D-A (could be wrong right there)

Sometimes I think of all the places where I don’t wanna go
Then I think of all the things that I never wanna do
And when I think of all the people that I don’t wanna meet
I close my eyes and go to sleep

(octaves)A – G – A – D – C

Tully, baby, you’re trapped behind your golden bars
I’m the prince of poverty I hang around in bars
Your life’s a Mercedes, a mansion with a pool
My life’s on a bus stop just waiting for some fuel




Your obviousness disgusts me I see thru your macho lies
I’ll fight everything you stand for
There’s something in your purse baby, my head is getting sore
Maybe what we had was just green corn

thats it…once again im missing fills but otherwise i think thats good, im
certain with the solo tho
….see ya in the pit….

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