Highway Junkie by Randy Travis Ukulele Chords

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Highway Junkie chords has rhythm and included in Full Circle (1996) album.
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Highway Junkie by Randy Travis Ukulele Chords

written by Chris Knight, Sam Tate, and Annie

A hundred cups of coffee, five hundred cigarettes
A thousand miles of highway and I ain’t forgot her yet, but I keep on m[C-F]ovin
I keep movin down the line

There ain’t nothin in my mirror just a cloud of dust and smoke
But what do you expect when some old trucker’s heart gets b[C-F]roke
Yeah, truckers’ hearts get broke

But them big wheels of rubber gonna rub her off a my mind
I’m a highway junkie I need that old white line

Ten miles out of Nashville I was doin a hundred and one
State boy pulls me over and says where’s the fire son
He said where’s the fire son

I said man there ain’t no fire, I’m just runnin from the flame
Go on and write your ticket but I ain’t the one to blame
That county judge tried to rob me blind



So i rolled on down to Memphis, I had nothin left to lose
I wanted to hear some rock n roll but all they played was blues
I didn’t want to hear no blues

So i went to call up elvis and roger miller grabbed the phone
He said drive that 18 wheeler boy you’re the king of the road
He said I was the king of the road


I’m a highway junkie I need that old white line


C x32010
F xx3211
G7 320001
Am x02210

To play the this songs, including Highway Junkie by Randy Travis by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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