In Another World by Joe Diffie Ukulele Chords

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You can play versatile instrument In Another World using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Joe Diffie can also be played by that instruments.

In Another World chords has rhythm and included in In Another World (2001) album.
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In Another World by Joe Diffie Ukulele Chords

Album Name: In Another World
Singer: Joe Diffie

This song was originally transcribed by geetar81 on but I
think it’s a great song and have been waiting for it to show up on COWPIE
for a while now. Since I found it and no one has submitted it yet I thought
I’d share it with Y’all!!!

Capo on the 1st Fret


Thumb stuck high in the air
Destination anywhere this road decides to go
Underneath the desert sky
I find a place to hide and rest my weary bones
This underpass will shade the heat
And as my mind drifts off to sleep

There you are with your hair all down
And your feet are bare and your cotton gown
What a beautiful sight, in the moonlight
The way youre lookin at me with your lovin eyes
Youre lettin me know that for all my life
You will always be my only girl
But thats another place and time, back when you were mine
In another world

A car stops way up ahead
I climb inside her hair is red, I thank her for the ride
She talks the miles away
I nod and smile and try to say anything to be polite
But as the darkness end the day
Another voice whispers my name





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