Just Fools by Ghoti Hook Ukulele Chords

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Just Fools chords has rhythm and included in Banana Man (1997) album.
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Just Fools by Ghoti Hook Ukulele Chords

Copyright 1997 Tooth & Nail Records
tabbed by Rob Pilkerton (idiotboy3@aol.com)

First lines are played on bass, but for guitar just palm mute.

So what’s the point to stay away
it hurts the same either way
We’ll hang out when you come home
and I’ll still end up alone
But that’s the choice I have made
(Crank distortion)
Who thought I would end up here
in the same place, after all the years
I never was this way before, I never wanted something more
And now I can’t just walk away

Please don’t look at me, I can’t stand to see you cry
it kills me to know that I’m the only reason why
Sometimes I want to try and forget what I know
Instead I’m watching myself try to let you go

(palm mute)
C (open)G
Remember when you said to me
(mute)C (open)G F
one, two, three words and what you’d be
Always there so always know
that no matter if you go
I will still be right here



Maybe I’m wrong and maybe you’re right
or maybe we’re just fools caught up in something
something that we don’t know what to do with
Something that we can’t handle just yet


As Far as I know, it’s all correct, if you have any questions or
comments PLEASE mail me at idiotboy3@aol.com Thanks! Rob.

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