Just Say Yeah by Jackson Browne Ukulele Chords

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Just Say Yeah by Jackson Browne Ukulele Chords

Just say yeah ? Jackson Browne (CD: Time the conquerer)

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

I wanted to be somebody you see
When you’re fee[D/F#]ling good
I started looking for your little MG
In my neighborhood
I started feeling kind of funny and free
When you were around
And I began to cook up a plan to
Take you ou[D/F#]t of town

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

Not really dating, we were relating
And we [D/F#]were friends
It’s hard to say where the relating leaves off
And where loves begins
A friend will tell you all kinds of stuff
That a lover won’t
And you would think you would see love coming
But of course, [D/F#]you don’t

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

Guitar Solo:
|G |G |Em D/F#|G |
|C |G |C |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

I want to hold you, don’t want to mold you
Into someo[D/F#]ne else
I never could have invented you
Or written you so well
I never met another woman who
Possessed your particular charms
I want to be that man who will see that
You never come [D/F#]to harm

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

Must have been you I dreamed of
Yeah that was you [D/F#]all right
You were the laughter I was listening to
Standing in the light
You were the lover in the sunrise who
Had begun to slip away
Though I was just a kid I must have known
You’d be real [D/F#]some – day

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |
|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G |

I want to know you, I want to show you
That you’re not [D/F#]a – lone
You’ve been the only thing steadyin’ me
And I guess we’ve both known
Maybe you haven’t been that ready to see
That I could take you there
Well that was then, but this is when
I need to hear you [D/F#]say yeah

|C |G Em |Cma7 D |G | play 4x
Baby just say yeah

Transcribed by Gerard Koot (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ? nov 2008
Email: gerardkoot@hotmail.com

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