Let Me In by Save Ferris Ukulele Chords

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Let Me In chords has rhythm and included in Modified (1999) album.
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Let Me In by Save Ferris Ukulele Chords

Tuning: 1/2 step down (Eb)



[Esus4addC] [C#madd9] [Aadd9+Eb] [Esus4(2)]



[Esus4addC#] [Esus4addC]

I've been [Esus4addC#]watching you and [Esus4addC]all you do For quite some time

Knowing al[Esus4addC#]l the ins and out[Esus4addC]s of you I should’ve known what was on your

But all th[Esus4addC#]e world is spinni[Esus4addC]ng round and round Inside my head tonight

I will fal[Esus4addC#]l into the darkne[Esus4addC]ss And I fear I will never see the light
So let me in

All that I wanted from you[C#madd9]
Was something you’d [Aadd9+Eb]never do
So let me in
Oh please tonigh[Esus4(2)]t
Don’t let this end
I’ll F[Esus4addC]all

Through no[Esus4addC#] light the darkne[Esus4addC]ss seems to be So very strong
How does o[Esus4addC#]ne alone against [Esus4addC]the world Find the strength to carry on?
What happe[Esus4addC#]ned to the way we[Esus4addC] used to love It seemed as though life had
just begun
But now th[Esus4addC#]at love has come [Esus4addC]and gone to fade away Like the setting sun
[Esus4(2)]Cuz’ you won’t let me in.

All that I wanted from you[C#madd9]
Was something you’d n[Aadd9+Eb]ever do
So let me in
Oh please ton[Esus4(2)]ight
Don’t let this end
[Esus4addC]Cuz’ I’m starting to fall
So let me in

[C#madd9] [Aadd9+Eb] [Esus4(2)][Esus4addC#]
It was all that I wanted from you[C#madd9]
It was something you never [Esus4(2)]knew
To let me in
But not to[Esus4(2)]night
For this is the end
Esus4 Esus4addc
I fall

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