Loud silence by Dilana Smith Ukulele Chords

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Loud silence by Dilana Smith Ukulele Chords

Title: Loud Silence
Album: InsideOut
Words & Music by Dilana

When your day is dark
And the sun is cold
Its pouring
Your dreams dissolve
You wanna give up
can't hang on
there's nothing
you believe in

Your crying on your knees
Asking oh God why me?
Pains got you crazy
You’re feeling so lonely
And no one can hear you
You know[-] I’m [-]here [-]for you

CHORUS: Hang on
Hold on
It’s a loud [F#5-G5-B5-A5]silence…….

Like a bird
You want to be high
And you’re dying
to kill this time
You’re aching and breaking
Don’t give up please
There’s something to believe in

You’re dreaming of straight line
You’re touching that sacred life
The fears spinning in your mind
Keeps you locked up inside
It seems there’s no wind
Oh ple[-]ase l[-]et[B5-] me in

CHORUS: Hang on
Hold on
It’s a loud [F#5-G5-B5-A5]silence…..
You gotta hang on
Hold on
It’s a loud [F#5-G5-B5-A5]silence…..Yeah

SOLO: B5-Db5-D5-E5-G5


Screwed up and twisted
You’re dancing with demons
You’re screaming for needles ohh
To take all your pain
You going insane
As the voices get louder, louder, LOUDER

CHORUS: Hang on
Hold on
It’s a loud [F#5-G5-B5-A5]silence…..
Hang on you’ve gotta
Hold on
It’s a loud [F#5-G5-B5-A5]silence

And the voices keep screami[F#5-G5-B5-A5-G5]ng louder, louder….

B5 799XXX AND X244XX
F#5 244XXX
A5 577XXX
D5/A[/ch] 5577XX
Db5 X466XX
D5 X577XX
E5 X799XX

Tabbed by Vixen79

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