Narcolepsy by Third Eye Blind Ukulele Chords

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Narcolepsy by Third Eye Blind Ukulele Chords

Ok. I always loved this song and TEB’s self-titled album is one of my own personal
with all its catchy tunes. If you have this album, then narcolepsy should be on your top 3
of the album.

The only thing is, I always thought that playing it on an acoustic guitar kinda sucked
the riff in itself is pretty awesome. But if your a beginner at guitar, you might have
trouble to play this song with the few available tabs.

Since I’ve been playing myself for quite a few years now I thought I’d give this song a
only with simple chords because I believe that most songs can actually be brought down
an easier accessibility level.

I am NOT SAYING THIS TAB IS CORRECT AT ALL, it’s my own interpretation of how the song
be played on an acoustic guitar without having to play the riff, but it sounds pretty
when you sing along in the same tone as Jenkins. I’m not too sure about certain chords
you can be sure that this tab can be improved so please, please, instead of commenting
like “THIS TAB SUCKS BALLS” (like I so often see for many tabs that aren’t 100%
just STFU and help me make it better. After all, I could keep this for myself and let you have a
at it :p.

Finally, believe it or not, I tabbed this in about 10-15 minutes so no wonder its a
in progress”! This tab is aimed for fun guys, not for perfection.



Chords used:
G – 320033
Cadd9 – 032030 or 032033 whatever you think sounds better. I like the first one better here.
Em7 – 022033 or Em 022000. Same comment as above.
A7 – 002020 or A 002220. Guess what :).
A7sus4 – 002030
D – 000232
C – 032010

While tabbing it I placed a CAPO on the 5th fret (kind of randomly), but it all depends
your voice. Place it wherever you feel the most comfortable!


Intro : G, Cadd9 (x2)

Im on a train, but theres no one at the helm
And theres a demon in my brain
Who starts to overwhelm whelm whelm

G, Cadd9 (2x)
( Tab from: )
And there it goes, my last chance for peace
You lay me down, but I get no release
And I say i, I try to keep awake
I try to swim beneath
I try to keep awake
But i, I can feel this narcolepsy slide
(no guitar here)
Into another nightmare

“bridge”: G, Cadd9 (2-3x)

And there’s a demon in my head who starts to play
A nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday
And I hold my breath till its more than I can take
And I close my eyes and dream that Im awake
D C G (not sure for D C
I try to keep awake
I try to keep awake
I try to keep awake
But i, I can feel this narcolepsy slide
(no guitar here)
Into another nightmare


The rest of the song is pretty much the same, you can figure it out for yourself I think 🙂


I read dead Russian authors volumes at a time
I write everything down except whats on my mind
Cause my greatest fear is that sucking sound
And then I know that Ill never get back out
And there’s a bone in my hand that connects to a drink
In a crowded room where the glasses clink
And Ill buy you a beer and well drink it deep
Because that keeps me from falling asleep I said
How’d you like to be alone and drowning
How’d you like to be alone and drowning
How’d you like to be alone and drowning
How’d you like to be alone and drowning
Still I find this narcolepsy slide slide
Into another nightmare
Keep awake, keep awake, keep awake
And I can feel this narcolepsy slide

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