One in a Row by Trick Pony Ukulele Chords

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One in a Row by Trick Pony Ukulele Chords

One in a Row–Trick Pony
written by Ira Dean and Keith Burns
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INTRO: G Cadd9 D Dsus2 G

Tonight I’ll be drinkin’ tequila
And toasting to old Mexico

Listening to Waylon and Willie
And feeding that fire down below
It’s only been twenty-four hours
Since my baby walked out on me
If everything’s right I will make it tonight
‘Cause I’ve got a sure remedy


I don’t give a damn if anyone knows
I’ll party on ’til the heartache is gone
And tonight makes it one in a row

G (muted)

I’m not concerned with tomorrow
It’s gonna be more of the same
Dancin on top of the tables
‘Til I can’t remember her name

Hey bartender break out the bottle
I don’t need no salt or no lime
Just keep ’em comin ’til my body’s numb and
She’s no longer here on my mind




Tonight makes it one in a row
Tonight makes it one in a row



G 320033
Cadd9 x32033
D xx0232
Dsus2 xx0233

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