Postcard by Steven Wilson Ukulele Chords

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If you are looking for Postcard ukulele chords, you’ve visit to the right site.
You can play versatile instrument Postcard using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Steven Wilson can also be played by that instruments.

Postcard chords has rhythm and included in Grace for Drowning (2011) album.
You can also get another musical style, including jazz ukulele chords, country music ukulele chords, pop ukulele chords, world music ukulele chords, and rock ukulele chords here.

Postcard by Steven Wilson Ukulele Chords

Steven Wilson – Postcard

I think it’s time that I got off the kitchen floor
But is there really any point at all?
Waking up this morning felt the same
I better sleep while life is so mundane

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It could have been yesterday that I locked the door
I blocked the windows up so I can’t be sure
Now I haven’t even got the will to Wii
I’m lame and self-obsessed
That I will concede

I’d like to light a cigarette but I cannot
The light is dead and the gas has been cut off

I’m the one you always seem to read about
The fire inside my eyes has long gone out
There’s nothing left for me to say or do
’Cause all that matters disappeared when I lost you

To play the most songs, including Postcard by Steven Wilson by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a a lot of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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