Ready, Willing and Able by Lari White Ukulele Chords

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If you are searching for Ready, Willing and Able ukulele chords, you have come to the right site.
You can play versatile instrument Ready, Willing and Able using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Lari White can also be played by that instruments.

Ready, Willing and Able chords has rhythm and included in Don’t Fence Me In (1996) album.
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Ready, Willing and Able by Lari White Ukulele Chords

Written by: Jess LearyJody Alan Sweet

Ready, Willing and Able Lari White

Intro: Play this very fast.


Intro Chords: C F F F open G C open means remove chording hand
and strum the open strings

Blue Moon is rising, all hope seems gone
A heart can be lonely only so long
Baby, don’t worry ’cause somebody cares
Call out my name and I’ll be right there

If you need a shoulder strong enough to lean on
If you need a hand that fits like a glove
If you need a heart then hold on steady
Cause I’m ready, willing and able to love

Play the intro chords

I know you’re wary, you’ve been hurt before
But it’s time to move on, now, and close that old door
Open your heart, wipe those tears from your eyes
You’ve got my number, don’t even think twice

go to chorus
You think it over, my offer still stands
And if you’re still uncertain, I’ll say it again

To play the most songs, including Ready, Willing and Able by Lari White by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a ton of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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