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Reason (Autumn In My Heart OST) by Ukulele Chords

Giọng chuẩn Jung Il-Young: Capo 2
Na-e ge dwi du ra so ji ma ra yo
…na ye no-neul bo-a-yo
on se sang ha yah-don…ku ddae-ye yang so gi-jjon na yo
Wa-e nal pu gi ha ryo go ha jyo
…ku-daen ku ge shwib na yo
nae-ge man i roh ke…a ryo-u nil in-gon-ga yo
…Cho-um bu to u ri nun shi jak dwe-o son
an dwe nun sa ra-ngi-ra go
…nun mul sok kin ae-wo ni to-uk ku dae-rul
noh-ul su ga on na yo
Nae-ge so ku dae-nun sa ra-jyo-son an dwe nun
bi chi-os su mul a na yo
ku dae-ga tto na myon na ye mo dun se sang do
sa ra jin do nun-gol i-jji-nun ma ra yo
…su mul shwi go shi po yo… ku-dae sa rang a-ne so
…Ku-dae saeng-gang-ma nu ro u su mi na yo
na-e-gen hi mi dwe-o-yo
…ku-dae saeng-gang man-u ro nun mu ri na yo
mo dun go chi du ryo wo

To play the most songs, including Reason (Autumn In My Heart OST) by by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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