Rose of the Devil’s Garden by Tiger Army Ukulele Chords

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If you are searching for Rose of the Devil’s Garden ukulele chords, you’ve visit to the right site.
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This song by Tiger Army can also be played by that instruments.

Rose of the Devil’s Garden chords has rhythm and included in III: Ghost Tigers Rise (2004) album.
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Rose of the Devil’s Garden by Tiger Army Ukulele Chords

“Rose of the Devil’s Garden”
Tiger Army
Tiger Army III (Ghost Tigers Rise)
Hellcat Records

There is a rose in the Devil’s garden
In shadow it grows alone
Many things are dangerous now
In this garden we call home
Be careful as you make your way
Some things are poison to the touch
You’ve spent your life here in this place now
You long to run away so much

My love it is a black ro[-F#-A-B-F#-A]se (my love it is a black rose)
Held out to you by the hand of fate (held by th[-F#-A-B-F#-A]e hand of fate now)
And as this dark romance grows…[-F#-A-B-F#-A]
G low E
It’s not from the sun, but the starlight that’s so far away
high E
Above the Devil’s garden

The fertile soil of poisoned hearts
Fed by tears and nighttime rain
Under Transylvanian moon
Grows the flower bred from pain
Death is pure – life is not
So ask yourself, what do you want?
As for me, well I want you
So pick the black rose and let its thorns cut you

(chorus) (with out the extra G A B)

B D A G (4x) F# A

Contrary to belief, this song is in drop d.
You can hear the d in the intro.
The upright bass doesn’t have frets so it’s pointless to use the tab method
To find the notes, I held down on the fret board until the G registered on
the tuner and put a dot with a marker on the side of the neck for quick reference
and then again on A to simulate the 5th fret(this was in standard(EADG) tuning
before I dropped it.)
I suggest watching the video at to watch Geoff’s rhythm. This was a big
help. Listen to the song to catch the slides and fills between notes, remember,this is

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