Rusty Old Halo by Hoyt Axton Ukulele Chords

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Rusty Old Halo chords has rhythm and included in A Rusty Old Halo (1979) album.
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Rusty Old Halo by Hoyt Axton Ukulele Chords

This is Rusty Old Halo that was requested in the newsletter. It was written
by Bob Miller and recorded by Hoyt Axton
Dan Mooney

Rusty Old Halo

I know a man, rich as a king, still he just won’t give his
neighbors a thing, He’ll get up to heaven someday I bet, he’ll get
up to heaven and
here’s what he’ll get

A rusty old halo, skinny white cloud, second hand wings full of
patches, A rusty old halo, skinny white cloud, a robe that’s so
wooley that
it scratches.

Some people have them big fancy cars, swimming pools, fur coats,
and diamonds in jars,real silver gates, real golden doors, they’ll
get up to heaven and
trade them all for


While you’re on earth you should shine like a star, brighten up
the corner where ever you are,doing each day the best you can do,
that way you’ll be sure they’ll
never hand you


To play the most songs, including Rusty Old Halo by Hoyt Axton by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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