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If you are searching for Small World ukulele chords, you have come to the right site.
You can play versatile instrument Small World using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Ani DiFranco can also be played by that instruments.

Small World chords has rhythm and included in Not So Soft (1991) album.
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Small World by Ani DiFranco Ukulele Chords

Date: 27 Nov 1997 15:35:07 Z
From: “Boulton, Nic”
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>From Not So Soft. Standard tuning.

(intro and most of the verse):

// Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb


Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb \


Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
She was shaking and talking louder and louder

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb
each sentence was sifted to a very fine powder

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
and her face was wet and tight, her grip was cold and light

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Gm(III)


“a strong wind could blow you down”, I heard myself say

Gm(III) Fm


& she said “word up, sister, a strong wind

could take me away”

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb x 2

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
I said, “How long have you been at large?

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb
they told me you were stashed last time I asked”

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
and she said, “I’ve been out now for all of three hours

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Gm(III)
I just resurfaced and here you are

I must admit that it has been hard so far”

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb x 2

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
I said, “skeletons are fine, your closet or mine”

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb
we took turns recounting the details of lost time

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
and when we had both admitted it all

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Gm(III)
we threw our heads back and we laughed until we cried

we laughed coz the world is absurd and beautiful and small

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb x 2

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
and there we were washed up on the curb

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb
as the rush hour traffic went out with the tide

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb
and I was aware that with every word

Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Gm(III)
spoken and shared, I could see her shaking subside

I said, “sister, looks to me like you’re going to be fine”

Eb(VI) Gm(III) Ab Bb Eb(XI) Gm(X) Ab Bb x 2

Eb(VI) Gm(III) x 3


E A D G B e
x 6 8 8 8 6 – Eb(VI)
3 5 5 3 3 3 – Gm(III)
6 8 8 7 6 6 [-]- Bb
11 13 13 12 11 11 – Eb(XI)
x 10 12 12 11 10 – Gm(X)


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