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If you are looking for Someday ukulele chords, you have come to the right site.
You can play versatile instrument Someday using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Colors can also be played by that instruments.

Someday chords has rhythm and included in Standing on the Sun (1995) album.
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Someday by Colors Ukulele Chords

Submitted by:Derek Smith
June 10, 2001

Pick open E
Young girl in a bedroom
Lookin up in the sky
Turns her dark brown eyes to the heavens
with a tear in her eye
she’s got a dream
shedon’t wanna toloose it
cause someday she’s gonna use it
and theres a

Young woman in the bedroom
Back against the wall
Been locked from the outside
Its a lonely fall
She’s got wings
Someday she’s gonnafly
Till shesup above the sky
and She sings

Iknow Iknow
Somethings gonna’ come my wayhey
Iknow Iknow
Somethings gonna’ come my way

Young boy in a bedroom
Lookin up in the sky
He turns his dark brown eyes to the heavens
with a tear in his eye
He’s got a dream
Hedon’t wannalose it
’cause someday he’s gonna use it
and theres a

Young man in a bedroom
Mirror reflects in his eye
He’s all tired on the inside
Breaks down to cry
He’s got wings
Someday he’s gonnafly
Till he’sup above the sky
and he sings
(Bridge 1,Bridge 2 )
(Chorus acappella hit the side of your guitar)
Lifes getting better

Am E F C F Dm Cadd9


Bridge 1


^ ^ ^ ^ ^
7x 7x 7x 3x 6x
Bridge 2


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
7x 7x 7x 3x 6x 6x

This symbol (^) is pointing up to the colomn above it and the
number right below is how many times you play it. Other wise you
just play it once.

I think this is right but some of the chords I know are wrong
but it sounds okay. If you have any corrections just email me at

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