Spoiled by Joss Stone Ukulele Chords

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Spoiled chords has rhythm and included in Mind Body & Soul (2004) album.
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Spoiled by Joss Stone Ukulele Chords

Hallo, my name is Vladimir, Im from Serbia.
This is the 2nd version of chords of this song.
I just didnt like the 1st one, chords only.

Joss Stone – Spoiled

Intro: D, G, D, G

I kinda thought that I’d be better off by myself
I’ve never been so wrong before
You made it impossible for me to ever love somebody else
And now I don’t know what I left you for

See I thought that I could replace you
He can’t love me the way you do
‘Till now I never knew

I’m spoiled
By your love boy
No matter how I try to change my mind
What’s the point it’s just a waste of time
I’m spoiled by your touch boy
The love you give is just too hard to fight
Don’t want to live without you in my life
I’m s[Bb-Gm-D]poiled[Bb-Gm-F#m][Bb/Bbdim]

I tried to tell myself that I’d be over you in a week or two[F#m-Fm-Em]
But baby that was ’bout a year ago
I’ve never seen the word love so personified as I do with yo[F#m-Fm-Em]u
And that is why I just can’t let go, oh no


And I would only be fooling myself if I tried to
Believe there’s room for someone else in my heart
There ain’t no way I’m getting over you
I don’t know what I’ve been trying to prove
I’m hopeless, helpless when it comes to you


I’ve been spoiled yeah yeah

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To play the most songs, including Spoiled by Joss Stone by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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