Trouble Doll by Matthew Ryan Ukulele Chords

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Trouble Doll by Matthew Ryan Ukulele Chords

This is ‘Trouble Doll’, the 3rd track from Matthew Ryan’s ‘Regret Over The Wires’ album
released in 2003.

Standard tuning with capo 1.

Intro: E, F#m, E, F#m

Verse 1:
Trouble doll, you look so pretty when you’re sad
And the laughs that we had have turned to madness
Lovers come to call and you’re voice gets soft
In the painted glass behind your lashes
Though angels pray for you
Only the blues could save you

Verse 2:
If only for a second in the shimmering light
When the night’s collapsed, but it don’t shatter or sting
It’s a porcelain song from marionette in a dangerous sway
As if under God’s own strings
Salvation watches over you
Redemption only borrows you
A little at a time in this [(B)]world

Real gone, real gone girl.

Verse 3:
Standin’ high above on that bridge in St. Charles
Tell the truth, love, whose death did you see?
All the art on the wall and the quiet down the hall
Send a sinking feeling to a different story
My lonesome prays for you
In hours when there’s only you

Verse 4:
Well the ghost of a drink on the counter by the sink
Is smeared, warm and full of empty promises
It’s a well-worn poem where the words stick together

But the meaning seems numb,
‘Til the morning washes
All down and over you
Heartache sure owes you
All the happiness in this[(B)] world

Real gone, real gone girl.

E (Repeated with F#m)
Sha la la a little light

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