Until We Meet Again by Showbread Ukulele Chords

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Until We Meet Again chords has rhythm and included in The Fear of God (2009) album.
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Until We Meet Again by Showbread Ukulele Chords

First time chucking something up on here. Really cool song, just had to learn it.
Comments appreciated.

My dearest friend, if I sing you this song, will you hear it from up in heaven?
Im still down here in this ugly place, but up theres where Im heading
When they tell you Im coming, please wait for me in front of the house that Ill live in
And when Jesus walks me up to the door, I can finally see you again

Its true that my heart was broken in two on the day I said goodbye to you
And I carry an ache inside of my chest until Jesus makes everything new

Those that we loved that left before us must have been thrilled beyond words
when you ran through the gates and into the kingdom and up to the feet of my Lord
Once sick and frail, once weak and pale, now made perfect and new
No more aching and crying, or breaking and dying, finally home in the arms of who loves you

When you run and you play in the light of the Son, hold me in your heart and mind
I Dont know how and I dont know when, but Im leaving this cold place behind
How my heart aches to think of the day when my faith shall finally be sight
When the crowds will part and cheer as I come, as I walk through toward the light

And my father, my love, Jesus, my king, in His glory, seated on His throne
Hell take me in His arms as the crowds cheer and sing and say “Well done child, welcome home”

And Hell walk me to the house that He built with the fathers love and the carpenters touch
And youll run to me and Ill hold you again, for my friend, I have missed you so much

To play the this songs, including Until We Meet Again by Showbread by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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