Used by Lorrie Morgan Ukulele Chords

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Used chords has rhythm and included in Show Me How (2004) album.
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Used by Lorrie Morgan Ukulele Chords

Lorrie Morgan – Used

(capo 1st fret)

F#m/D – x54222
A6/5+ – x43222

INtro – F#m/D – D – E 2x’s

(verse 1)
[F#m/D]Show me a picture of a perfect life
Wanna see it wanna know what it l[A/G#]ooks like,
[F#m/D] Anybody got a grip on life
Wanna know, call me up, tell me what it feels like,
[F#m/D] Can’t remember what it was to dream
can’t sleep with my soul so u[A/G#]nclea[-]n,[F#m/D]
[F#m/D] Gotta wake up gotta let it g[Esus-E]o,

Maybe I [F#m/D]lost my way,
Maybe I made mistakes,
Who [F#m/D]cares, I coulda quit but I didn[-]’t,[-]
Maybe I [F#m/D]loved too much
Maybe I [A6/5+]lost [-] t[A/C#]oo mu[-]ch
A F#m/D E F#m/D – D – Esus-E 2x’s
I”m used, but then who isn’t

(verse 2)
[F#m/D]When you talk about the both of us,
But I feel like an old tire on a st[A/G#]reet bus,
[F#m/D]I’m not bitter, I gotta pull out my pr[Esus-E]ide,
[F#m/D]Everybody’s got a skeleton,
In the closet and you gotta live[A/G#] with them[F#m/D],
[F#m/D]Feels like a fish hook in my s[Esus-E]ide,

Maybe I [F#m/D]lost my way,
Maybe I made mistakes,
Who [F#m/D]cares, I coulda quit but I didn[-]’t,[-][A/C#]
Maybe I [F#m/D]loved too much
Maybe I [A6/5+]lost [-] [A/C#]too m[-]uch
I”m [F#m/D]used, but then who isn’t

(lead – F#m/D – D – Esus-E 2x’s )

Maybe I [F#m/D]crashed and burned
but look at how[A6/5+] much I[A/C#]’ve learne[-]d
Who [F#m/D]cares, ehh yea, I”m li[-]vin,[-][A/C#]
I have to f[F#m/D]orgive myself
Cause I can’t be[A6/5+] no [A/C#]one else[-],
I”m [F#m/D]used, but then who isn’t
I”m [F#m/D]used, [-] but then who isn’t

Outro – F#m/D – D – Esus-E 3x’s ending on Esus-E

To play the most songs, including Used by Lorrie Morgan by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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