Where You Are by Everlife Ukulele Chords

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Where You Are by Everlife Ukulele Chords

Strumming: x xxxx x xxxx x xxxx

Capo on 8
It’s hard to find love that’s not complicated
It’s hard to see life when we all seem so jaded
I don’t know, you don’t know
Why can’t I find a way to show you now

It’s hard for me to smile when I get so frustrated
The walls to your heart they’re locked and they’re gated
I don’t know, you don’t know I wanna find a place to go
Where you are

I’ve been up
I’ve been down
You know my smile
You know my frown
I just love when you’re around
I wanna be (3x)
[G-Cadd9-G-Cadd9]Where you are
Where you are

(Repeat like the beginning)

from G-Cadd9-G-Cadd9-Em-G-Cadd9

I’m walking around and I don’t hear a sound
Except for the memory of a love that I’ve found
I wanna see what you see, do you know what we could be

Even in the dark, I’ll take your hand
And see down this road that ends where you stand
I will know, you will know
You’ve given me a place to go where you are


I’ll give you my thoughts that I’ve held for so long
Scared to let go, what if I’m wrong
As I sit here tonight I don’t care if I’m right
I just wanna be where you are

(Chorus (2x with variation))

D! ENJOY! hopefully this helps you out!

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