Windfall by Son Volt Ukulele Chords

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If you are searching for Windfall ukulele chords, you’ve come to the best site.
You can play versatile instrument Windfall using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Son Volt can also be played by that instruments.

Windfall chords has rhythm and included in Trace (1995) album.
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Windfall by Son Volt Ukulele Chords

#Artist: Son Volt (Jay Farrar)
#Song: Windfall
#Album: Trace
#Tuning: Standard
#Capo: 2nd fret

e |-----------------|


B |-----------------|


G |-----------------|


D |-0h2-0-----0-----|


A |--------2--------|


E |--------------3--|

# Riff G Cadd9
# Riff G Cadd9
Now and then it keeps you running [G/F#]
Sometimes it just won’t die
Trail spent with fear
Not enough living on the outside

Never seem to get far enough [G/F#]
Staying in be--tween the lines
Hold on to what you can
Waiting for the end, not knowing when

May the wind take your troubles away [G/F#]
May the wind take your troubles away
Both feet on the floor
Two hands on the wheel
May the wind take your troubles away


Trying to make it far enough
To the next time zone
Few and far between past the midnight hour
Never feel alone
You’re [G/F#] really not alone

Riff G Cadd9

Switching it over to A.M. [G/F#]
Searching for a truer sound
Can’t re--call the call letters
Steel gui--tar, I settle down

Catching an all-night station [G/F#]
Somewhere in Lou--isiana
Sounds like 1963
But for now sounds like heaven


May the wind take your [G/F#] troubles a--way
May the wind
Take your troubles away



To play the most songs, including Windfall by Son Volt by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a many of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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