Wondering by Good Charlotte Ukulele Chords

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Wondering chords has rhythm and included in The Young and the Hopeless (2002) album.
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Wondering by Good Charlotte Ukulele Chords


Wondering – Good Charlotte


Artist: Good Charlotte
Albulm: The Young And The Hopeless
Song Title: Wondering.(Track 4)
Tabbed By : Zero is great man
Tuning:Droped One-half step: EbAbDbGbBbeb

Chord Diagram:


If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.
If you tell me to stay, I will stay right thru.
If you don’t want to say, anything at all.
I’m happy wondering…

B5(x4) E5(x4) G#5(x4) E5(x2) F#5(x2): x2
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/good_charlotte/wondering_crd.html ]
[Verse 1]
Since I was a young man, I never was a fun man.
I never had a plan and no security then,
Ever since I met you, I never could forget you.
I only wanna get you right here next to me.

’Cause every body, whoa, needs some one that they can trust and,
You’re somebody, whoa, that I found just in time.

[Verse 2]
Now my life is changing, It’s always rearranging,
It’s always getting stranger then I thought it ever could.
Ever since I found you, I wanna be around you,
I wanna get to the point that I need you.


(That’s why they call them solos, cause your on your own.

Don’t tell me, the bad news,
Don’t tell me anything at all,
Just tell me, that you need me,
And stay right here with me…


End on: E5

To play the this songs, including Wondering by Good Charlotte by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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