Words Written Over Coffee by The Riot Before Ukulele Chords

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If you are looking for Words Written Over Coffee ukulele chords, you have come to the best place.
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Words Written Over Coffee by The Riot Before Ukulele Chords

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)




Pages filled cover the floor all covered up with ink
Words written over coffee document my struggling
Those mornings spent sitting alone, mourning alone in grief
For all I killed in search of honesty

See, I used to be a mustard seed shouting at the mountain
I used to hang my head when it stayed far from the ocean
I used to claim its failure from the depths of depression
Well, I cried to god but god did not respond

And like a barrel-chested strongman I suspended disbelief
I held it high over my head though all the weight was staggering
But legs buckled and muscles burned, in came gravity
I dropped it all, faced what I’d been avoiding
Yeah, I dropped it all, faced what I’d been avoid…
What I’d been avoiding

For many years I walked that road, for many years I tried
So earnestly I sought the relationship advertised
But my empty hands and my empty heart could no longer be denied
Oh yeah, I quit. I forfeit eternal life

And I did not take inheritance when I left to go away
Yeah, I did what was commanded when that rich man asked to be saved
I left my friends, my family behind all for heaven’s sake
I am no prodigal
And this is no mistake
Oh, this is no mistake
Well, this is no mistake
Well, I am no mistake

C (Strumming pattern changes at one point)

So I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad, I really want you to be proud
I don’t want to disappoint you all, I don’t want to let you down
But I have stopped searching for truth hiding behind heaven’s cloud
Don’t save my place, of this race I do bow out
Don’t save my place, oh, of this race I do bow…
Well, I bow out
Yeah, I bow out

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